Re: Update on Glossary part 2

2001-04-05 17:50:38, (Matthias Warkus) skrev:
>- No separate entries for homonymous verb and noun (this would be an
>  absolute must for German, since verbs and nouns are almost never
>  homonymous here)

this is also true for swedish, and i would think for many other languages as

>- No separate entries for different meanings
of the same word -- why
>  are the different meanings mentioned at all if there is no way to
>  translate them separately?

also true for swedish, we mostly have completely different terms that
apply to the same english word for different meanings.

I think that at least there should be available multiple entries for a term,
if this is truly supposed to be an i18n-effort then the differences of
must be supported. If the outline of the glossary is strictly based on the
english terms as it would seem to be at the moment, then the glossary seems
to be of little use for other languages.

What I really think needs to be done is that from all languages that are to
be supported there must be compiled information about for example how one
handles verb/noun differences. Regardless of which langugage is used for the
base of the glossary all languages need to be considered in order to
create something that actually has any use for most languages.

This consideration need to include (along with other information, but
this would be a start) how one handles verb/noun and the problems/methods
applied when translating an english term into the target language.

What I would propose is that this information is collected for all
languages and then compiled by some linguists (me for example and 
whomever wish to help), and that theese findings will be the base 
for the structure of the glossary.
I also believe that the appropriate "key" for this glossary needs to be
the description of the term and not the actual term regardless of which
language is used.

I have mentioned earlier that I think a database-XML solution
would be the best way to handle all of this, and I have started a project
at sourceforge for this purpose but it is so far only in the planning
stage. However considerations for as many languages as possible should
be taken into account  before leaving the planning stage, so any input
there would be most appreciated. The project is "mimersbrunn".

Veronica Loell

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