Re: gtk+-1.2.10 should be in gnome-1.4 (was: Re: Final package deadline for GNOME 1.4)


On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 11:11:23PM -0500, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
>>> By the way how to input some accented characters in gnome when you have a
>>> US keyboard? On windows you can always do ALT+<ASCII CODE> to enter the
>>> character anywhere?
> The US international keyboard layout helps doing this too.
> For example, u umlaut will be obtained by pressing " and then u. E
> acute, will be obtained by pressing ' and e...

But that is quite limited, you only have access to acute, grave, circumflex
and tilde accents. If you need to type things like Eogonek or Tcaron you can't.

It would indeed be very useful to be able to type any char by its numeric
value in the current locale.

Ki a vos vye bn,
Pablo Saratxaga		PGP Key available, key ID: 0x8F0E4975

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