Re: Terminology Databases

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 05:47:14AM -0700, Sean O Ceallaigh wrote:
> Hi,
> In re-organizing the Irish team, I'm looking for ideas on
> ways to maintain a terminology data base so that team
> members are consistent in their usage of Irish.  I am
> interested to find out how other language teams handle
> this issue.  I've considered:
> 1. Rely on frequent discussion on the language team's mailing list.
> 2. Create a website that I can update with new terms for all
>    team members to view.
> 3. Instead of a simple word list or dictionary create a user
>    searchable data base that can be hosted on a website.
> I believe #3 has been attempted by some language teams 
> working on KDE.
> Any suggestions?

In the Danish team we do 2. see:

Kind regards

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