Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet device

Hi everyone,
As most of you probably know by now Nokia announced today the Nokia 770
Web Tablet. This is of course especially relevant for everyone here as
it uses stuff like GTK+, GStreamer, d-bus, gnome-vfs and gconf.

Companies like Fluendo, OpenedHand and Imendio have been involved in
various parts of the development of this device.

The offical page is here:,,75023,00.html

With a developer page here:

There is also a very nice development environment for this called
scratchbox, which is the one Nokia themselves have used for the
development found here:

Nokia will as you know be presenting this device at GUADEC and have
devices you can look at. They will also be giving out a limited number
of coupons for the special 99€ developer price at GUADEC.

Rock on everyone,

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