GNOME Image Viewer needs new maintainer


I am currently the maintainer of the GNOME Image Viewer a.k.a Eye of GNOME. Since my available sparetime for this project decreased to zero recently, I'd like to turn this job over to another volunteer.

Eye of GNOME is one of the core GNOME desktop applications, so its important that there are regular stable as well as development releases. Some may have noticed that this requirement haven't been fulfiled by EoG in the last months.

The latest stable release is 2.8.2. There are also 2.10.x releases but to be honest these are rarely tested relabled 2.9.x development versions. Also, there are some important enhancements in the cvs head tree (eg. no window resize after mapping). Sadly, its not fully finished and unstable.

If anyone who reads this is interested in maintaining and further developing Eye of GNOME send an email to eog-list gnome org For myself I definitely can't continue this job.

Because this is my last GNOME project I am involved with, I'd like to thank you guys for a great time. Rock on.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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