Re: Proposals vs. Do It Now [Was: GNOME following a non-free standard]

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> We've been waiting for a shared vision about the future for several years
> now, and it is taking us nowhere.

That is not true. The shared vision for 2.x was a time based release cycle,
GNOME as a product, and deep changes in our vision for FOSS usability. We
have now reached the point where that vision has changed from a goal into an
assumption, its pros and cons are embedded in our culture, and it is no
longer a driving force. You're suggesting we adopt a zero-vision strategy of
throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks [1]. This will not work.

- Jeff

[1] ... and I'm sure we can all think of one particular large FOSS project
    for which that strategy has not proven successful. *cough*

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