Re: GNOME CVS: libxslt kloczek


On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 05:25, Tomasz Kłoczko wrote:

> If someone can remove above without consult changes with each maintainer 
> it will be good remove all this in one move :)

	Don't be afraid to send maintainers patches for these kind of things.
Maintainers will usually give things like this a two second glance and
approve. It won't take you much more time and you won't be annoying
maintainers by not asking for approval before committing.

	Don't stop fixing things, though :-)

> Next similar. For example gnome-panel maintainer not using latest gettext
> and 2.5.4 was released with format number specifications bugs in po/*po
> files (gettext >= 0.12.x do not allow pass correctly on this kind bugs).

	Again, make sure people are aware of problems like this. I haven't the
faintest notion of what version of gettext I'm using and what version I
should be using.

	So, I'm using gettext 0.11.5, which is what is in jhbuild. Getting the
version in jhbuild changed (if it should be changed, of course) will
probably cause the problem to be fixed for a lot of packages.

[snip lots of stuff]

	Tomasz, you've listed a lot of issues below that I don't fully
understand but do sound like they need to be addressed. I do know that
this isn't the place to discuss it - all that was required was "I'm
sorry, I won't do it again" - and that most of the people you want to
consider these issues will probably miss it. Please, bring up these
issues on desktop-devel-list. Don't lump them all into one huge email -
you've a much better chance of getting them addressed if you approach
each issue individually.


P.S - when I reverted a commit from you in gnome-panel I had to google
for your address and my email to you bounced. Make sure you always have
a ChangeLog entry with a valid email address. And make sure that
kloczek cvs gnome org points at a valid mail address.

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