ViewCVS setup on

While Bonsai and LXR are still down since the move to the new CVS server, we now have another source code browsing system set up:

While it doesn't provide all the features of either LXR or Bonsai, it should still prove useful (and should complement the other two tools once they are up and running again).

ViewCVS provides most of the features found in Bonsai's source code browsing functionality, and supports syntax highlighting for various file formats. The interface should be familiar to anyone who has browsed the CVS repositories on SourceForge, for instance.

In addition to browsing the main "/cvs/gnome" root, you can also browse a new "/cvs/archive" root that Jeff has set up. The plan is to move ancient or abandoned modules to this other root in order to reduce the disk space requirements for anonymous CVS mirrors (they won't pick up the archive CVS root). You can browse it online at:

If you have any modules that you think should be in the archive or if something has been moved into the archive that shouldn't have, please mail Jeff.


Email: james daa com au

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