Re: Session Management Proposal

Ray Strode wrote:

  2)  The second bad thing that can happen, is say a user
      opens up a document, starts to modify it heavily and
      then wants to save it under a different name.   A
      different - but broken - client could send a
      SaveYourselfRequest with fast = True and
      shutdown = False before the user gets the chance to
      save the document under a different name. This would
      cause the user's original document to get

A recomendation for aplication to, when they do 'fast' not user initiated saves, use an 'autosave' feature if avalible or offer some 'rollback' option. The best way to do this can be debated, and it would sertanly be good if all apps behaved the same.

However, in any case, the only way to avoid potensial dataloss is to save bothe the curent and the last saved version somehowe!

The instant logout could be dealt with width some uggly hack.... a 'debug' loginmode in the DM that makes every 'SaveYourself' message result in an confimation dialog, possably showing the originating app so users can identify broken apps. Such mode could have a timout so it's not forgeten about and interupts an UPS shutdown on an unatained machine whith an open souch session (possably disable itself on locked screen to).

Users could even be promted about this loginmode if the previus session was werry short. That way the DM migt possably be left out entirely (god for peaple not using a DM). If previus session was short, the session manager turn this 'debug' mode on and promts for turning it off again. If the missfeature is not instant, the user can turn this 'debug' mode on manually thru the sessionmanager.

Shuld be pressented as a 'debugg' feater - as it might dissrupt important funktionallity. Still, a way for users to identify and remove broken apps from ther session is needed (if ther is no clever way to do it automaticly). One possability is the sessionmanager asking:

Your last session was imediatly terminated by this program: xxxx
Nowe I have recived an imediate termination request agan from the same program.
is that OK?
[Yes-terminate session]  [Ignore request] [Remove program from session]

If it possably to track every problem in a clever way is unsertan... but it might be a good complement to a more generall 'debug' mode.


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