Re: Proposal to host Meld project in gnome CVS

sön 2003-12-14 klockan 22.19 skrev Christian Rose:
> > I'm the author of Meld, a gnome diff/merge/cvs tool. See
> > for more details.
> > 
> > The main reason for hosting is for access to the translation teams.
> > I've just applied for a cvs account. Is there anything else I need do?
> Probably just convincing the people on this list, I think. If anyone has
> anything positive or negative to say about Meld and it being in GNOME
> CVS, please tell that now. :-)

Ok, it seems there were no objections, so Stephen has a cvs account now.

Stephen, please tell gnome-i18n gnome org once you have imported meld,
so that translators can start working on it immediately. :)


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