Re: Proposal to host Meld .pot file in gnome CVS

tis 2003-12-09 klockan 19.29 skrev Stephen Kennedy:
> I'm the author of Meld, a gnome diff/merge/cvs tool. See
> for more details.
> Is is possible to host just the .pot file in gnome cvs just for
> translation purposes? Perhaps at some stage it would be beneficial to
> move entirely to gnome cvs, but the current hosting is working fine.

Unfortunately no. Or yes, it would be technically possible, but we've
just finished moving away from hosting any "loose" pot and po files from
external projects in GNOME CVS.

The reason for this is that it always ended up being a horribly
unmaintained mess, with the manual syncing with upstream failing in both
directions in the end, and thus lots of problems and annoyance both for
translators and developers when working on, using, and including already
obsolete stuff.

So we decided that the GNOME Translation Project (GTP) should really
only translate what really uses GNOME CVS. Everything else is better
handled by another translation project, such as the Translation Project

Thus, if you feel that you do not want to use GNOME CVS, I strongly
recommend using the TP instead to help translators. You can read more
about the reasons for that on


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