Re: sun-patches - and i bet you didn't even know they existed

yes, initially aberrations might have happened, we have definitely learnt
from them. If we are found late in responding it's probably due to other
deliverables we are held up with (i.e. with the limited resources that we
have). But we make every effort to address them eventually.  Ofcourse,
please feel free to flame if you find anything inappropriate .....since we
have only one way to go from there...i.e. getting better.


Glynn Foster wrote:

> Hi,
> > I looked at a few of them.  They seemed either unpolished, or quick
> > hacks that are Sun-specific.  Other patches may be better.
> Yeah, some of them are - but I'm hoping that most of them provide a good
> base line to develop a better patch off.
> > I had a somewhat unpleasant experience trying to get one of the
> > patches cleaned up and applied.  There seemed to be a great
> > reluctance by the Wipro guys to respond to suggestions.  See
> I would imagine they are as busy as the rest of us - patience is always
> a good virtue ;)
> Glynn
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