sun-patches - and i bet you didn't even know they existed


So I was talking on IRC just now, and found out that a bunch of people
didn't really know about sun-patches. sun-patches was created so that
contractors to Sun, namely Wipro and Ximian, could all work on a central
CVS server and it basically stores all the patches for GNOME on Solaris
- we're currently shipping GNOME 2.0.

While we [Sun & Wipro] have very much been trying to push all patches
back into bugzilla, there may be quite a few that have fallen through
the gaps [either they needed more work, were controversial, etc etc],
and with our current focus on Mad Hatter [1], it may be some time before
we could get all these patches back upstream.

Anyway, I'd encourge people to have a look at sun-patches for their
given module [2] - perhaps none of the patches are useful, or they are
all integrated, or whatever..

gman kowabunga> cvs -z3 co -r gnome-2-0-2 sun-patches
gman kowabunga> cd sun-patches
gman kowabunga> find . -name '*.diff' | wc -l


[2] Please don't commit stuff to this module, but feel free to browse ;)

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