Re: Rhythmbox 0.5.1 - "You can have your keys back, I guess"


Rhythmbox does not play the attached file.  Other MP3 files play fine. 
I get a "Could not find media type" error upon attempting playback.

Audio backend: GStreamer
Audio formats: mp3 vorbis 

It's reported as having no duration, very low quality, and a bitrate of
0kbps.  Is this problem a known bug?

Thank you.

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 12:31, Colin Walters wrote:
> Hi,
> Rhythmbox 0.5.1 is basically just Rhythmbox 0.5.0 with a two-line patch
> to fix a bug that crept in at the last minute.  If you've been having
> problems with Rhythmbox "taking over" the keyboard while it's running,
> this release is for you.
> Alternatively, you can stay with 0.5.0, and just rebuild and pass the
> --disable-mmkeys option to ./configure.
> Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.5.1
> ======================================
> * Fix multimedia keybinding so we don't grab other keys [Jan Arne Petersen]
> Download pages:
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