Re: Request about GTK+ bugs

Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 10:48:49AM -0400, Owen Taylor escribió:

>Unfortunately, most bug buddy crash reports have neither:
> - Operating system/distribution and version

	As requested, this is done in bew Bug Buddy versions, detecting
redhat, mandrake, turbolinux, debian and solaris. More distribution
versio detection (HP-UX, obscure linux distribution) support is really

> - Exact GTK+ version

	Yep, Bug Buddy is now including the exact version of the crashed
program, but nor from libraries it is linked to. I'm not sure how to
include this info, because showing output of 

	ldd /usr/bin/crahsing-binary

	Will only show major version of libraries. And bug-buddy 1.x
package query wasn't really acurate info, because an user can have
gtk+-2.2.3-4.rpm instaled and its own compiled version in other place.

	Do you have any idea about how to get this version info? (maybe
running gtk_get_lib_version() inside gnome-segv?) 


> - Any information about how GNOME was installed

	This is also done in new bug-buddy versions, including the 
Gnome-Distributor field, showing information from gnome-desktop
Gnome Distributor (old Gnome Vendor). If Instaled from sources it should
show I think Ximian Gnome is also including this info, and
mandrake provides a gnome-desktop package showing "Mandrake" as
distributor. Not sure about stock redhat, debian, garnome, etc... but
they should do it.


Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

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