Re: Novell acquires Ximian.

Hi Nat,
So what does this mean in more practical terms? Will you get more
developers working on GNOME, less developers, the same amount of
developers? Will Ximian GNOME be used in a Novell linux distro toghether
with their Novell services stuff? Did they buy Ximian because they are
interested in GNOME or are they mostly interested in doing stuff around
Red Carpet? or was it Mono? How much atonomy will the Ximian unit have?
Will you and Miguell swim in champagne and spend your days watching polo
games for the most part due to this deal? 

Ok, just the first batch of questions from the top of my head :)


On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 18:14, Nat Friedman wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Today we announced that Novell acquired Ximian.  You can read the press
> release here:
> Everyone at Ximian is very excited about this, because we now have an
> opportunity to advance GNOME as an integral part of Novell's strategy,
> from a larger platform and with more resources.  Novell is committed to
> making GNOME the best open source desktop environment possible.
> Best wishes,
> Nat
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