Sun's window manager strategy

Hey there,

As most of you probably all know by now, Sun has decided to drop Sawfish
in favour of Metacity for its release of GNOME 2 later this year. 

This decision has been based on issues such as accessibility,
maintainability of the code [1], documentation, multi-head support and a
general eagerness from the community to commit to Metacity in the
future. We feel it is in Sun's best interest to go with Metacity.

With that being said, Sun will make every effort to get whatever work
that has been done on Sawfish back into the community, mostly probably
through, so that it can be picked up by others if

This mail is more of a FYI that Sawfish development will cease within
Sun, specifically by our partners Wipro and will be transferred to
Metacity. We hope this decision will not have a detrimental effect on
the community release in a couple of weeks time.

			See ya,
				Glynn :)

[1] including support within Sun

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