Re: [GNOME VFS] Re: Daemons [Was: gob inside gnome-vfs ...]

On 25Jun2002 05:37PM (-0700), Seth Nickell wrote:
> I would propose we create a single super-daemon which you can write
> "plugins" for (that run in their own threads). It can include basic
> lifecycle code and other code snippets that often have to be written for
> user daemons. This will make the task of writing user daemons (of which
> we have not as many as I think we should, they are sufficiently painful
> to write that we don't have some in areas where they would be useful)
> easier, as well as solving the problem of a proliferation of small
> daemon processes.

That seems like it might be bad for stability - one user-context
daemon crashing could potentially lead to a lot of data loss if it
took down all the others.

But it would definitely make sense to have a single gnome-vfs daemon
that combined credentials caching, metadata, and whatever other shared
services would be provided via gnome-vfs.



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