Re: getting on top of Nautilus bugs

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 14:11, Darin Adler wrote:
> I can think of a few things you can do that would help me right away:
>     1) Make a report that shows all the bugs that are "must fix for Gnome
> 2", grouped by priority. You should be able to click on the various
> priorities and get the query for that set. Then I can quickly answer the
> question:
>     How many "must fix for Gnome 2" nautilus bugs of each priority?
> And then dig into the actual bug reports. Right now, I have no idea how to
> query for this, and I don't want just a query -- I want a nice report that
> helps me see the priorities, and maybe even who the bugs are assigned to
> some day (once we actually start assigning some rather than having them all
> just say nautilus-maint).

OK, so you want the already existing:

Except with priorities as well as severities? I can hopefully fix that
in the next 20-30 minutes.

[This would also exclude all enhancements; I hope that won't be a
problem for anyone.]

>     2) Run the query of "bugs not categorized for whether they are 'must fix
> for Gnome 2' or not" regularly, and make sure that new bugs either get put
> into that pile, or put aside.

I'm doing that with new bugs. Doing it with old bugs is... Sisyphean. :/

> And explain to me how I can tell which of
> those 3 categories a bug is in.

put aside: 'triaged' keyword, but not GNOME2 keyword. [i.e., probably
GNOME1.4 specific, or fixed in 1.1.x branch.]

must fix for GNOME2: 'GNOME2' keyword + 'triaged' keyword + either
Priority=Immediate/High/Urgent or Severity=Blocker/Immediate.

not must fix: GNOME2+triaged but not of those priorities or severities.
[Lots of enhancements here, for example.]

I can whip up reports for each of these, if you want them, but it might
not happen until later tonight.

> Can you tell me right now how many of the
> Nautilus bugs are "not looked at to see if they are must fix for Gnome 2" as
> opposed to "fix not required for Gnome 2" right now.

right now not looked at is ~1452. :/

'must fix' is ~50 or so; I don't have a great query for this at the
moment, since it would need some booleans.

Keep in mind that these are things 'looked at' by me, personally; jfleck
has marked an additional ~100 bugs as GNOME2 but I haven't tried to
triage those separately yet. I'm going to start looking at those;
possibly tonight but maybe not until Friday.

>     3) Get rid of confusing extra things like duplicate milestones. What are
> we using those Gnome 2 milestones for? 

I have deleted those now; they were intended to provide uniformity but
they didn't appear to be workable for the big projects (naut+gtk.) So
they were ditched, but not deleted, which was dumb and confusing on my

> How are we using milestones in
> general for Nautilus bugs?

We're not, at the moment. If there is a scheme you want to use or would
be more comfortable with, I can use it, but right now the GNOME2 keyword
combined with priority/severity is the defacto milestone. 

I personally would like to have a good milestone scheme- that's why I
proposed the original one. But I cannot maintain 30+ different milestone
schemes, so once my original proposal was shot down, I switched to


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