Re: Button stock icon sizes [urgent]

On Sat, 2002-02-23 at 00:35, Owen Taylor wrote:
Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert ximian com> writes:

> On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 22:43, Owen Taylor wrote:
>     [ Resend, since I managed to get 2/3 email addresses wrong ]
>     I need a call on this:
>      * The GNOME-1.2 stock buttons (OK/Cancel/Yes/No/Apply/etc.) are 20x20, as
>        are the ones in GTK+-1.2 now. The new OK/Cancel icons are 24x24, but are 
>        mostly alpha in the outer pixels.
>      * The GTK+-2.0 standard button icon size is 24x24. 
> I can fix this tomorrow unless jakub did this already (I heard you had
> talked with him on irc about this, I just returned from dinner etc, so I
> was unavailable for comment..)

That's OK :-) Not _that_ urgent.

I was told that Jakub thought it would be best to go with 20x20, partly
because he didn't have time to redraw them any time soon. I think we
can either pad or trim and get fairly reasonable looking results, so
the real question is what the size should be.
Hmm, I think it might be good to have all stock icons be 24x24 in terms of consistency. So if you use the new 24x24 ones in gtk, wouldnt it be ok?
An argument for 20x20 is that the GNOME-1.2 icons gave us pretty
chubby buttons already. I'm pretty comfortable with making 20x20 the
button size, and it is certainly the easiest course.
Long term, to deal with resolution differences, we need all the stock
icons drawn big, or longer term, done as SVG.
Yea, SVG could be interesting. The problem with them is that 1) there are no tools to do them really in the free software realm (well, sodipodi and sketch maybe, but those are not that finished yet) and also that vector icons are just harder to do - getting to the detail level of the bitmap ones requires a lot of work. But yea, that would indeed be interesting. Now, if we did a SVG gtk engine.. one could zoom to any size, that would be interesting too. I would love to have the theme scaled small on the laptop and big on the desktop machine for example.
> I think we could even just drop the "Ok/Cancel/Etc.." icons totally,
> since I dont know if they really add anything to the usability. Though
> one could ask the UI folks. But both windows and macos dont generally
> have those.

Well, I hated them originally when GNOME added them, then eventually
got used to them. I don't think they add much, but they probably don't
hurt either. It's part of the "GNOME look" though, and anyways, I can't
take themout of the API at this point.
We could add a configuration option as to whether to display them later.
Yep, this would be good.

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