Re: Button stock icon sizes [urgent]

On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 22:43, Owen Taylor wrote:
[ Resend, since I managed to get 2/3 email addresses wrong ]

I need a call on this:

 * The GNOME-1.2 stock buttons (OK/Cancel/Yes/No/Apply/etc.) are 20x20, as
   are the ones in GTK+-1.2 now. The new OK/Cancel icons are 24x24, but are 
   mostly alpha in the outer pixels.

 * The GTK+-2.0 standard button icon size is 24x24. 
I can fix this tomorrow unless jakub did this already (I heard you had talked with him on irc about this, I just returned from dinner etc, so I was unavailable for comment..)

I think we could even just drop the "Ok/Cancel/Etc.." icons totally, since I dont know if they really add anything to the usability. Though one could ask the UI folks. But both windows and macos dont generally have those.
We need to fix the discrepency, either by padding/redrawing the icons
or by changing the standard button icon size.

I don't have much of a sense of which size is better; it's competely a
question of what looks better at typical font sizes. 

If we are going to change the button icon size define, I'd like to do
it by GTK+-1.3.15, which was scheduled for today, but will probably go
out tomorrow.
If you still need the help, let me know and I can probably fix them for you tomorrow.

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