Re: Anyone know of a version of patch(1) that can do a cvs-savvy 3-way merge?

>>>>> "Darin" == Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:

Darin> I was thinking recently that old patches often have the version
Darin> numbers they were diff'd with, if the patches were made with
Darin> cvs diff. Those patches could be applied much better by a cvs
Darin> patch tool that got the old versions in question and did a
Darin> 3-way merge, the way cvs normally does. That could be a time
Darin> saver when applying an old patch from bugzilla to prepare it
Darin> for check-in.

ediff, in Emacs, has a way to invoke it so that you can merge two
files that have a common ancestor.  I've used this in the (distant)

Another approach is simply to `cvs update -rVERSION FILE', then apply
the patch, then `cvs update -A'.  You could easily write a script to
automate this; it would extract version numbers from the patch and
apply `cvs update -r' as appropriate.


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