Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Padraig's doing a great job, but patch reviewing is not a fast
> process, when done responsibly. So we have a bottleneck through people
> who do that. Mythical man month etc.
> > We appreciate the work everyone has been doing on this front;
> > Michael's in depth work in at-spi has been an exception to the
> > understandable delays in reviewing our patches, for instance.  I
> > appreciate the work that Owen and Jonathan have done to help put
> > keynav in place, etc; but I am not willing to play scapegoat for
> > platform delays.
> I'm just giving my impression. I'm not trying to pick scapegoats,
> clearly there are many, many features that could have been punted that
> would have made things go more quickly (not gconfiscating everything
> for example would have saved an enormous amount of time). Didn't
> happen, so let's see how it turns out. Everyone who added any feature
> at all shares the credit/blame for GNOME 2. I'm hoping it'll mostly be
> credit. ;-)

And Miguel said:

> Bill,
>    Thanks a lot for the clear explanation on the issues surrounding the
> delays on the platform.  I never thought this was a problem that was
> caused by Sun at all, and I am sorry if my message came across
> implicating this.

I agree with Havoc that the 'blame', to the extent that such a concept
is useful at all, is a shared thing (like the credit).  I don't doubt 
that things could have moved faster on some fronts had accessibility 
never been a consideration; that's true of any significant feature.  
I was unhappy with being singled out, when in reality the accessibility
work has suffered with everyone else when things slip, interfaces
etc... it's just one of many pieces of a platform which has, as Bastien 
points out, had an enormous code infusion over the past year.  And of
as Miguel points out there is GNOME 2.1, etc. (not to mention 2.0.1,
still seems like a useful target to plan for), as long as we have gotten
our APIs and groundwork mostly in place for the future.

Having said my piece, I'm happy enough not to make this a long
discussion, unless we wait until GUAD3C and have nothing better to 
talk about ;-)

Best regards,


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