Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com> writes: 
> As for keynav, Padraig has been more than willing to provide patches
> for keynav, provided they can be accepted.  If the GTK+ team prefers
> to do the work themselves, well OK, but it's not because the
> accessibility team has forced it upon them.  Padraig will admit that
> he has mad reservations about some of those patches but he's put
> them out as a basis for discussion, with clear focussed questions
> about how to proceed.

Padraig's doing a great job, but patch reviewing is not a fast
process, when done responsibly. So we have a bottleneck through people
who do that. Mythical man month etc.

> We appreciate the work everyone has been doing on this front;
> Michael's in depth work in at-spi has been an exception to the
> understandable delays in reviewing our patches, for instance.  I
> appreciate the work that Owen and Jonathan have done to help put
> keynav in place, etc; but I am not willing to play scapegoat for
> platform delays.

I'm just giving my impression. I'm not trying to pick scapegoats,
clearly there are many, many features that could have been punted that
would have made things go more quickly (not gconfiscating everything
for example would have saved an enormous amount of time). Didn't
happen, so let's see how it turns out. Everyone who added any feature
at all shares the credit/blame for GNOME 2. I'm hoping it'll mostly be
credit. ;-)

The only distinctive thing about accessibility is that it was not
initially foreseen, at least by me. I didn't realize the amount of
work involved. This is a purely subjective comment about my

FWIW I'd rather have active UI/accessibility work than a stagnant
desktop that makes every date precisely on time. The keynav is turning
out to be a super nice feature, and probably wouldn't have happened
for years without the sustained push we've had.

Where we have to go post-GNOME-2 I think is to the land of CVS Version
Always Works Well; i.e. always keep the code working so we can ship at
any time. At least, that's my latest theory.


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