Re: Mono and GNOME. The long reply.

> how could that happen? They server a different purpose, although with
> some similarities. SOAP is just a RPC mechanism based on XML+HTTP,
> whereas CORBA is a full distributed object system.
Well said. But SOAP can be used as a protocol for connecting bonobo
components, cannot it (in theory)? At least its XML part? "distributed
object system" can be considered (to some extent) as OO RPC (with some
standardized semantics, in case of CORBA service),

> replacement or one or the other. When it'll make sense to use SOAP,
> we'll use SOAP; when it makes sense to use CORBA, we'll use CORBA, and
> that's all.
OK. Thanks to this comment. I just had some concerns regarding Mono.
Since M$ Mono technology involves heavy usage of SOAP (AFAIK) - will it
be the case for GNOME/Mono? If Miguel shares your point of view - I have
no more questions.



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