Non-C bindings in GNOME

(dropping the gep line)

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 20:49, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> I would support an expanded "integrate language bindings into the library
> module" across all of our libraries. Obviously that's a pretty huge
> seachange, and there are various things to iron out. If it works out well
> with ORBit2 and maintainers support it, it could be very cool for other
> languages.

I think this would be fantastic. We have a chicken-and-egg problem right
now where application developers avoid non-C bindings (in my case, I
would rather use C++ or Java) because distros often do not include some
set of these bindings. And of course distros do not include them because
no major applications use them ;-) If we really believe in making other
languages besides C a practical choice for GNOME developers (which we've
always pointed as one of our advantages over KDE), we need to encourage
their adoption on distributions so developers feel comfortable using

(Aside: the gnomemm/gtkmm bindings for GNOME 2 are really great! They've
been a joy to use after having to create objects in C for the past few
years :-)


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