Re: [Usability] Ordering thread relit; visual cues

jacob berkman wrote:

(and isn't the no / cancel option quite often the default / preferred
action?  this change boinks that.)

Not really; I raised this earlier (as it's not explicitly mentioned in the
dialogue proposal). The default can be any one of the buttons, we just have
the consistency of the right hand one being the affirmative verb.

so i will now argue that the negative case should be in the lower right,
as that is usually the safest option.

The safest option may well be to not touch the computer at all. That isn't very useful though. I bring up dialogs more often because I wanted to (in which case, the affirmative action is the one I would want), than accidentally (in which case I would want to dismiss the dialog).

BTW, as far as the argument about moving buttons goes, I seem to remember that when adding more buttons than just ok and cancel, Windows lays them out as:
                                     [ blah ] [  ok  ] [ cancel ]

So that ok and cancel maintain their positions.


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