Sv: GNOME Games release.

Hi all, well intltool was a rewrite and a name change of xml-in18-tools
I decided to not release intltool and slowly merge changes into xml-i18n..
so we wouldn't suddently have 100 new bugs :) but well exams came up and
I got discracted...I am not home right now, and don't have the latest 
source, all I can find is this old release
locale/intltool-for-darin.tar.gz I cannot donwload it from here, (don't
ask me why, but this internet connection is REALLY bad), maybe one of
you could look into itextract and itupdate and grep those few lines that
will make aisleriot fully translated :) I hope this release is new 
enough to contain these changes :/

If you are doing this, I will allow you to make a new release of 
xml-i18n-tools :) but I would also like this release to change name to 
intltool. Just the package name though and the rpm package...WE KEEP 
THE SAME RULES NAME for now, or people will kill me, and that is not
a good thing.

Any comments?

Cheers, Kenneth

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Sendt: 28. juni 2001 05:33
Emne: Re: GNOME Games release.

> Christian Rose <menthos menthos com> writes:
> > ----------------------------
> > revision 1.30
> > date: 2001/04/22 11:57:41;  author: kenneth;  state: Exp;  lines: +71 -1
> > 2001-04-24  Kenneth Christiansen  <kenneth gnu org>
> > 
> >         * Changed so you will get 100 more strings to
> >         translate if you use intltool (xml-i18n-tool successor, soon
> >         to be released). This fixes a lot of i18n errors with
> >         Aisleriot
> > ----------------------------
> Even if the name "xml-i18n-tool" is misleading I vote not to change the
> name now!  At least, provide compatibility links and work out a way to
> "fix" all involved packages with a script.
> Next time please announce intended changes early enough to the
> gnome-i18n list, Kenneth!
> Thanks, Christian, for the notification!
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