Re: GNOME Games release.

Christian Rose <menthos menthos com> writes:

> ----------------------------
> revision 1.30
> date: 2001/04/22 11:57:41;  author: kenneth;  state: Exp;  lines: +71 -1
> 2001-04-24  Kenneth Christiansen  <kenneth gnu org>
>         * Changed so you will get 100 more strings to
>         translate if you use intltool (xml-i18n-tool successor, soon
>         to be released). This fixes a lot of i18n errors with
>         Aisleriot
> ----------------------------

Even if the name "xml-i18n-tool" is misleading I vote not to change the
name now!  At least, provide compatibility links and work out a way to
"fix" all involved packages with a script.

Next time please announce intended changes early enough to the
gnome-i18n list, Kenneth!

Thanks, Christian, for the notification!

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