GnomeDruid for Gnome 2.0

Hi all,

I'm working with jrb to fix the GnomeDruid for 2.0, and write an
easy-to-code-for wrapper called GnomeAssistant. jrb want's
GnomeDruidPage to become a container, and GnomeDruidPageStandard to look
basically like the title box, green frame, and light-colored contents
box in (The
colors depend on the theme, naturally :-))

The wrapper will put a GnomeDruid in a window and provide a simplified
API for the common case, a basic linear prefs wizard. The header is
available at

Anyhow, the title box in the sshot requires quite a bit of Eel
currently, including EelLabel, EelBackground, and EelImage. I was
wondering. What is the best way to rewrite that for 2.0 when the time
comes? GnomeCanvas{Pixbuf,Text,Image}?


    Jim Cape

    If the United States Government spent as much on education
    as it did on the military, every student could fail in a
    solid gold desk.

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