Re: control center plans, etc.

On 20 Jun 2001 16:08:29 +0100, Stephen Browne wrote:
> > So far, we have :
> > - Created a new shell
> At first look I kind of liked the idea of the HTML view for launching the 
> capplets, but thinking about it some more I'm not sure that we actually
> need any kind of shell at all.  Since all the capplets are all just little
> dialog applications they can be launched from anywhere.  Menu, Nautilus,
> gnome run, whatever.
> The HTML view is pretty but nautilus could accomplish the same thing.
> The icon view is nearly identical to an icon view in nautilus.  

i agree, the HTML view is nice but not something that i would like to
see over and over.

> Maybe use the virtual folder suggested by Havoc.
> I don't think many people like the tree view :)

some people do like the tree view a lot. 

> > - Make the capplets pop up a dialog rather than embeding them
> This already works right? and they could be launched from anywhere.
> The only need for a dedicated shell would be for embedding the capplets right?

Yes, this already works.

> > - Implemented location management, some capplets are using the location
> > manager already and it is very nice. 
> I agree this is nice functionality, my concern is that the archiver used to 
> accomplish this is currently part of the Ximian-Setup-Tools and I don't know
> about other distributors but I am fairly certain that SUN has no intention of
> delivering or supporting XST.

The archiver can be moved elsewhere.

> Making the Control Center depend on XST is not a really nice idea.
> I know the archiver stuff is conditionally compiled at the minute so that
> this dependancy doesn't truely exist, but people without XST are going to
> loose out on the location management feature.

The control center will not depend on XST.
> > - Metathemes, very nice too. This removes a lot of the old and most
> > confusing capplets.
> I didn't see this, is it in control-center or XST?

This is in a module on its own, module "metatheme".

> > (I liked the idea you once talked about regarding having a
> > control-center-plus module with all the advanced capplets like the
> > sawfish configurator for example) 
> > - XST, the setup tools will be launchable from the control-center
> Why can't they be lauched like any other application?  They can right?
> So why do they need a dedicated shell?

Yes, they can be launched like any other application, we need a shell
cause we need a control center.

> > - Redid some capplets, they are better than the old ones but i still
> > not like them.
> Heh :)  I'd like to help out with this if you want help.
> Is there a ToDo list for work to be done on these capplets?

not yet, nobody has written it.

> > - Reorganize the capplets
> I agree on a more task orientated  approach for this.

It is not on the short term plans for us, we first want to get something
usable out there. 


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