zvt maintainer.

On 17 Jun 2001 17:49:06 -0400, Alan Cox wrote:
> > I do not understand this point, or how this is related to the
> > discussion.  My guess is that this is some kind of mean comment about
> > the gnome-core maintainership problem that I created with George.  A
> > problem that I have apologized for, and that has been solved amicably.
> > 
> > Or is this unreleated and I am not understanding?  
> Its not the only time that has happened though - zvt ? Bitching aside since
> that wasnt the aim if we have a maintainer with power over a package then 
> transitions of maintainers - whether good, accidentally mean, or indifferent 
> ought to be by consensus - and that seems to be the board.

Ahemm, there has certainly never been other maintainers of zvt.
Gnome-terminal is another beast though, I once claimed to be a
maintainer and Miguel just told me I wasn't, so I don't really care to
touch it anymore.  One time i went on holiday and someone took it on
themselves to fix some minor zvt problems; but they introduced a bunch
of new ones.  That was about it.

The reason nothing is happening on it is that i'm simply happy with its
current state, I know you beg to differ, but that is your opinion.
There are a couple of minor niggling bugs left, but they certainly have
zero impact on my life, and I am an extremely heavy terminal user.

I have started planning work on a libzvt 2 with a sun guy, but things
haven't really taken off yet for various reasons.


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