Re: I guess I missed the whole point

On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Dietmar Maurer wrote:

> I think you don't understand what bonobo config is. Lets assume we use the
> "gconf:" moniker as default database in Gnome 2 (about 200  lines of code). You
> then do not need to change anything in any application. All we want to do is to
> access configuration data through the PropertyBag interface, and to use monikers
> as plugin architecture. What is the big disadvantage of this approach? What is so
> bad if we use/have a CORBA API to access configuration data. I can only see
> advantages. Even Havoc calls it "syntactic sugar" ;-)

Hang on.  Are you saying that with bononbo-conf the application decides
what backend will be used to store the configuration data?  I thought one
of the benefits of gconf was that this was opaque to the application
author and under control of the user/sysadmin.  How is an app supposed to
know what backend to use?


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