Re: I'm starting to wonder .... (was Re: National Website in Japan (pressing for an action))

I've started working on something that builds on modperl called Mason.
Someone on IRC suggested it to me.  It seems really easy if you know perl.
So if someone is going to research something there is something there.  I
have a number of ideas for whoever volunteers to do something with this.


> > I'm guessing the issue is actually blocking on what's possible to
> > implement easily, and that's why this thread isn't producing concrete
> > results.
> Exactly my feeling.
> When I saw someone's proposal yesterday on how to improve Gnotices
> (which I liked), I also realized it would be hard to implement.  And
> then I started thinking on the set of poor tools we have to develop
> web applications, and they I started to realize how little I know
> about Zope, and how I better not say anything because after all it
> might be easy, but it might not be.  So I ended up just adding to my
> TODO list `Research Web Development and Content Management Systems'
> Miguel
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