Re: PATCH: gnome-libs-1-0 fix

> This is a simple patch for gnome-libs-1-0 to fix a problem with the
> gnome-config script.  To see the problem, do each of the following and
> notice how the outputs are very different:
> 	  gnome-config --cflags idl gtk
> 	  gnome-config --cflags gtk idl
> I committed this to HEAD a while ago and mailed some people about it
> going into gnome-libs-1-0, but never got a reply.  Hollar if you have
> any objections towards this patch beinng committed to gnome-libs-1-0.

Yes, I had an objection.  It is an incorrect patch (I recently sent a
reply explaining why it was incorrect).

Basically the "IDL" target is a special target, and you should not be
mixing "idl" with other targets.   Please revert the patch from HEAD.


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