Re: patch to gnome-canvas

On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 04:48:11PM -0800, John Harper wrote:
> The included patch fixes a bug in the gnome-canvas -- the canvas'
> focus-in/out methods don't set/unset the HAS_FOCUS flag of the canvas
> widget. This means that gtk_window_focus_out_event () doesn't propagate
> the focus-out event to the canvas (since it doesn't think it's focused)
> Does anyone have any objections to me committing this? (and if not,
> which branch(es) should I commit it on?)
> 	John

Go go go!  HEAD and gnome-libs-1-0!

You da man John.  This bug had me baffled just a day ago when I was
trying to connect a callback to a "focus-out-event" on an EEntry
widget, which happens to just be an EText on a GnomeCanvas, and lo and
behold, the callback was never getting called.  I got lost and just
stopped for the moment.

A big beer for you whenever I meet you, and, well, when I'm old enough
to buy one.

Jason Leach <jasonleach usa net>

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