Info for CVS mirroring.

[Cc'ed to gnome-hacker for archival, sorry for the noise, Daniel]

you may need to adjust is was for Linux (on alpha)
the disk space was /p/gnome/cvs-mirror also symlinked as /cvs/gnome

create  gnomecvs gnomecvs user and group

add the following to inetd.conf
cvspserver stream tcp nowait gnomecvs /usr/bin/cvs cvs -T /p/gnome/cvs-mirror/tmp -b /usr/bin --allow-root /cvs/gnome pserver

su - to gnomecvs

create a cvs-mirror subdir, cvs-mirror/tmp, cvs-mirror/cvs

add the following cvs-mirror/cvsmirror.script

date >>/p/gnome/cvsmirror.log
/usr/bin/rsync -az --delete /cvs/gnome
echo 'anonymous:aaQSqAReePlq6:gnomecvs' > /cvs/gnome/CVSROOT/passwd
echo > /cvs/gnome/CVSROOT/writers

make it executable
I suggest to launch 

/usr/bin/rsync -avz --delete /cvs/gnome

by hand first to verify that everything works okay

then add it to the gnomecvs' crontab:

# Run rsync with master copy of the gnome cvs server
5 0,12 * * * GNOMECVS=/p/gnome/cvs-mirror; $GNOMECVS/cvsmirror.script >> $GNOMECVS/cvsmirror.log 2>&1

then veryfy that one can have anonymous access, run 

echo 'anonymous:aaQSqAReePlq6:gnomecvs' > /cvs/gnome/CVSROOT/passwd
echo > /cvs/gnome/CVSROOT/writers

to make sure everything is properly setup.

  good luck, check that your firewall accept cvspserver remote accesses :-)


  2135868	cvs-mirror

make sure to cleanup cvs-mirror/tmp from time to time for old dirs ...
I don't know who manage DNS ...


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Network
daniel veillard com  | libxml Gnome XML toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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