gnome-terminal extensions

Hallo guys!
my name is Cristiano De Michele and I'm a gnome lover. 
Initially I started to use kde2 because konsole (its terminal) has 
the useful possibility to handle many terminals in the same window,
the gnome-terminal hasn't this feature; for this situation I thought
there was two solutions: 
one is to use screen and the other is to modify the gnome-terminal code
(my way!).
So I decided to modify the gnome-terminal and with this mail I want to
post you
my efforts to improve the gnome-terminal.
In attachment there is a tgz file containing 3 files, which are:
- gnome-terminal.c.diff: diff to apply to gnome-terminal.c (got from
- glade file to put in the directory 
  (i.e. in the same dir of 
- patch file to apply to file 
These patches offer a lot of useful and powerful extensions (I hope) to
gnome-terminal (I have sent already them to Miguel de Icaza and he
suggested to me 
to post them to gnome-hacker).
The extensions are these:
1) Multi terminal support (as konsole), which I implemented using
GtkNotebook widget.
   This means that in each window on can have many terminals not only
2) Switch to other terminals using: 
   - Shortcuts:
       SHIFT-Right: next terminal
       SHIFT-Left:  previuos terminal
       CTRL-<n> where n=0....9: switch to n-th terminal straight
   - buttons on the bottom of the screen (which I called "buttonbar")
   - buttons in the toolbar
   - Clicking on notebook tabs (bookmarks)
   - using notebook popup menu (right click on tabs)
3) Change of the title of a terminal (notebook label text) using:
   - buttons on the bottom of the screen (buttonbar)
   - buttons in the toolbar
   - menubar (File)
   - Shortcut:
4) Creation of new terminals using:
   - buttons on bottom of the window (buttonbar)
   - popup menu (Right Clicking on the terminal)
   - menubar 
   - Shortcuts:
       CTRL-l r: root shell
       CTRL-l n: bash shell
       CTRL-l m: Midnight Commander
5) Execution of commands in new terminals, these commands can be edited
using the 
   "edit commands" windows (created with glade -> see
   One can open this window using the menubar item "Edit Commands" under
   (Settings->Edit Commands). 
   In this window there's a GtkCList of all commands and one can add new
ones or remove 
   the existing ones (this is inspired by screen).
   Notice that the command name (first column in GtkCList) is what
appears in the menus.
6) Hide/Show toolbar and buttonbar using the Preferences window or popup
menu (to  
   satisfy the taste of everyone!).
These extensions are inspired by konsole obviuosly and by screen, I have
also other
ideas to make gnome-terminal the best one ever seen such as tree widget
navigate quickly using the mouse through directories, vertical and
splitting as in screen and much more.
What do you think about? I wait all your impressions...
                                                           ciao ciao

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