Re: character set in URIs for drag and drop

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Darin Adler wrote:

> When dealing with drag and drop of files, we often deal with URIs for 
> files on the local system. Currently, the URIs typically use the raw name 
> from the file system with URI encoding. For example, if a file has an 
> upside-down question mark in its name, and my file system has file names 
> encoded with the Latin-1 character set, then the file might have this URI:
>      file:///home/darin/%BFQue%3F
> But I think that this URI would not be what GNOME 2 programs would expect.
>   They would instead expect the URI to be encoded with UTF-8:
>      file:///home/darin/%C2%BFQue%3F
> I'd like to know which of these is right and the which is wrong. Perhaps 
> we need to bring this subject up on the xdg list.

I'm going with the UTF-8 encoded version in the g_filename_to/from_uri() 
I'm coding, on the general principle that passing around strings in an 
unknown encoding is bad. (The uri-list scheme has no encoding tag.)

/ Alex

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