Re: Bugzilla for GNOME (was Re: GNOME CVS: nautilus mathieu)

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 11:38:02AM -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> > Adding Bugzilla support to bug-buddy is much better than an email interface;
> > this'll also allow us to add some ideas from
> >
> I disagree. Using a web interface requires that you (a) have an account on
> the Bugzilla, (b) log into this account, (c) do HTTP POSTs and other such
> things to send it to the server. This means that bug-buddy will have to
> depend on some HTTP library, such as libghttp or gnome-vfs. Suck.
> An email interface allows you to (a) queue up mail if you are not
> connected, since sendmail/exim/whatever will hold it until it can send it
> without blocking the GUI and (b) requires no additional software than what
> comes with your system. Just fork and exec sendmail, baby. Oh, and it
> doesn't require rearchitecturing bug-buddy.

I've had issues when running on a system without a MTA or with an MTA that
doesn't include a "sendmail" program (just listens on port 25). I would
prefer a bug-buddy that doesn't depend on external program. IMO an external
library dependancy is better because it is picked up more easily by 
packaging systems.

Besides, everything should depend on gnome-vfs :-)


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