Re: GNOME 2.0 Release Coordinators

mawarkus t-online de (Matthias Warkus) writes:

> One of the people constantly doing fundamental work on the bare
> metal of gnome-libs is Martin Baulig. He also seems to have a firm
> understanding of key issues (like popular cut-and-paste code which
> should be moved into libraries and such). Furthermore, he's one of the
> overall most technically competent and friendly people I've come to
> know. After having worked with him in the real life at LinuxTag 2000,
> I'm also completely sure that he's got all the communication,
> organisation and management skills he needs for the job, and more.
> To ensure that the technical core of GNOME 2.0 is the best possible,
> Martin should be a member of the team. Perhaps releasemaster for
> gnome-libs and related fundamental packages?

Martin has already thrown his name in the hat, and I share your
admiration for him and agree with your praise.

 - Maciej

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