Looking for QA Coordinator and PR point person for GNOME 1.4

The GNOME Foundation Board, the GNOME 1.4 Release Team, and other
people have discussed ways to raise the bar on quality for GNOME
1.4. We're looking for a volunteer to coordinate testing for GNOME
1.4. We are also looking to improve publicity for the 1.4 release and
make sure we have a good press release and lots of press coverage.

Tasks for the QA coordinator will include:

* working both with professional testers in various companies and with
  community testing contributors to coordinate testing work

* recruiting additional community testers

* helping develop overall test plans and beta release plans

* working with the GNOME 1.4 Release Team to help ensure a quality

Professional QA experience is helpful, but not required. Excellent
communication skills are a must. 

Tasks for the PR Point Person include:

* working with a PR agency to create and issue a press release

* communicating with the Board to ensure a press release that the
  GNOME community can feel happy with

* helping collect quotes from GNOME community figures and key
  corporate executives

* helping to ensure adequate press coverage

Professional PR or Marketing experience will be vastly helpful.

If you are interested, please reply to me personally. If you'd like to
discuss this issue in general, follow up to gnome-1.4-list only
please. If you know of anyone who has the right qualifications would
be interested, feel free to forward this message to them.

The final decisions will be made by the Board based on recommendations
of the current GNOME 1.4 Release Team.



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