Re: lufs and gnome-vfs

On 3 Mar 2003, Roberto Majadas wrote:

> Hi people :
> I was reading about lufs (Linux user file system). This program permit
> to the user mount filesystems like ftp,ssh,... in anything directory
> (like mount) . You can do for example :
> lufsmount sshfs://mali lufs sourceforge net ~/mnt/lufs
> lufsmount ftpfs://mali:mypass ftp sourceforge net ~/mnt/lufs -o
> ftpactive
> I think will be interesting that gnome-vfs uses this. And maybe will be
> interesting contact with KDE people and for help to
> develop it . Because so KDE, GNOME and other people can use the same vfs
> . Inclusive in console :).
> I hope this info will be useful for you .
> Any coments ? don't flame me please , i'm very shy ;D

I really dislike these sorts of things. The semantics for unix filesystems 
are very well defined, and gnome-vfs has much weaker semantics. You also 
have to be root to mount filesystems, and you are loading a non-supported 
filesystem module in the kernel that could easily destabilize the whole 

I don't even know what you mean when you say gnome-vfs should use this. Do 
you think gnome-vfs should automatically mount filesystems when you 
browse e.g. smb:?

If you want to run lufs on your machine, that is entierly up to you, and 
as long as lufs works gnome should have no problem accessing files on it. 

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