Re: Enter the build sheriff: Jacob.

On Thu, 2002-03-14 at 18:27, Alan Cox wrote:
> > When we can't afford the testing, we have to go with prior art and
> > research and general principles based on those, and that is 100% the
> > right approach.
> Prior art without understanding which bits are good or caused by 20 year
> old lawsuits ?  Oh dear me.

Isn't it the Mac that uses No, Yes, based on user testing? And isn't it
Windows that used Yes, No, just to avoid lawsuits from Apple? So, don't
both of your reasons support No, Yes?

> Let me quote google 
> 	yes/no	2.3 million hits	(a lot are yes,no,no things
> 	no/yes	640,000 hits		 on both of these due to google)
> 	"yes or no"	441,000
> 	"no or yes"	4870
> Begin to get the picture ?
> 441,000 web page authors know the right ordering. 

I'm backing away quietly. Look, I'm not making any sudden movements.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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