Re: [Usability]Re: User interface suggestion for panels

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 18:11, iain wrote:
> > No, Ximian patched this. It wasn't in vanilla GNOME. And GNOME2 is
> > rather different. If Ximian fixes this again, it'd be great if the
> > patches got into GNOME cvs this time :-)
> I think it was also discovered at that time that Sawfish puts 4
> invisible 1 pixel windows at the edges of the screen to facilitate
> window flipping. The problem being that if these windows are there, then
> clicks at the edge of the screen don't get passed through to the windows
> below.

Well, if you've got edge flipping than the Fitts' law aspect of the
edges (the edge is an infinitely large button) is hosed anyway.

Now I remember why I turned off edge flipping. :)

(Though I suppose sawfish might be able to implement things in such
a way that a click that happens within the flipping-delay gets passed
through to the underlying window.)

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