GEP-4 : Versioning and branching rules proposal

Here is the announce for GEP-4 : versioning and branching rules for
GNOME modules..

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Frederic Crozat
Title: REQUIREMENTS GEP 4: GNOME module versioning and branching rules

Rules module maintainers should follow when versioning, tagging or branching modules.

1. Administrivia

Document Owner
Frederic Crozat
August 30, 2002
Discussion Period Ends
September 27, 2002
Discussion List
desktop-devel-list gnome org
Responsible Persons
Frederic Crozat, Havoc Pennington Nils Pedersen Michael Meeks Mark McLoughlin Seth Nickell Jacob Berkman

2. Proposal

Starting with GNOME 2.2 development,modules which are part of GNOME platform should be versioned using common rules described in section 2.1. To ease CVS access and maintainance, branching and tagging should follow rules in section 2.2.

2.1 Module versioning

To ease recognition by users, translators, vendors and any interested parties in GNOME development, the following rules should be used when GNOME platform modules are versioned :

Hypothesis : GNOME X.Y is the target release. Y will always be even for stable releases of the platform and odd for development version of the platform.

When developping X.Y version, snapshot releases should be versioned as X.(Y-1).Z.T.

Z and T must follow the following rules :

Of course, each new release of a module should be strictly superior to previous releases of the same module, to ease upgrade.

When GNOME X.Y is released as final :

When a new version of the platform is released on X.Y branch, Z is incremented and T reset to 0.

Example for GNOME 2.2 development :

2.2 CVS branching and tagging

This branching and tagging rules are based on previous discussions in desktop-devel list.

Hypothesis : GNOME X.Y is the target release.

Example from GNOME 2.0 development :

3. Issues Raised During Discussion

None yet.

4. Decision and Rationale

None yet.

5. Amendments and Clarifications

None yet.

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