Re: [Nautilus-list] GnomeVFS 1.0.2 Release

On 18Sep2001 10:48PM (-0400), Iain wrote:
> On Tue, 2001-09-18 at 13:10, yakk yakk net wrote:
> > GnomeVFS 1.0.2 - Bill and Ted's Excellent Release
> > =================================================
> > 
> > Way cool new APIs:
> > 
> > * New gnome_vfs_uri_resolve_relative call (Ian)
> > * New module callback API (Mike, Maciej)
> > * Authentication and proxy authentication callbacks (Mike)
> Once a module is added to the stable platform like gnome 1.4 is it not
> supposed to be API frozen until a new major release (like GNOME 1.6)
> with the reason being that users didn't have to do library chasing.
> I remember the saving couldn't go into gdk-pixbuf because it was part of
> a stable release, or am I getting really confused?

We have a set policy that you can't break source or binary

Some people also don't like it when backwards-compatible API changes
are made within a stable series. We don't really have an official
policy on this and basically every module has done it.

The three changes here are strictly additions and the authentication
at least is a pretty important feature.



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