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Company: SleepyDog
Job Title: Developer

Required Skills: C/C++/Python/Gnome/KDE/Interface (and/or similar)

Date Posted: 2001-09-13
Location: Leicester, UK
Employment Type: Permanent
Job Length: Permanent
Salary: Appropriate

Send Resume to: ben at

Job Description:
SleepyDog (SD) are a small intellectual property generation company who
do research into many hi-tech areas. Part of that research is in the
areas of user interface and computing environments. SD have a range of
material already developed which we want to:
* use to build demonstrations or working prototypes of these designs for
future interfaces & environments.
* make available to developer communities to stimulate debate on and
progress in interfaces & environments.

We're looking for a full time developer to join us, reporting to the
CTO. Your duties will include:
* research into practical and pragmatic ways of implementing interface
and human-computer-interaction (HCI) ideas.
* development of working prototypes of these, probably within Gnome or
* liaison with the open-source development communities to share and
exchange ideas related to these areas.

You'll be:
* interested in HCI, interface and computing environments.
* experienced in writing code at some level, preferably including in C,
C++, Python or the like, definitely including a good understanding of
object-oriented development.
* aware of (and if possible involved in) open-source development.
* a self-starter who can contribute, communicate and participate in
discussions as a peer.
* able to work in the office in Leicester a minimum of three days per
* able to work in an environment where the goals may not be fixed until
the first couple of iterations of code show what's possible.
* excited by the idea of trying to get to the next generation of
interfaces and environments rather than re-invent what's already been
* a pragmatist who's interested in building real things, not endless
blue-sky discussions (though we have those too!).

You won't be:
* An open-source zealot. We don't need those.
* A programming-addicted recluse with no social skills.
* Inflexible, looking for a simple 9-5 where you don't feel any
involvement with the company.

You will be:
* paid appropriately!
* working with a small number of motivated, intelligent people who want
to do real things.

Contact for more information:

Ben Last
35K Western Boulevard
Leicester, IN. UK
Phone: +44 7966 136572
Fax: +44 116 222 660
ben at

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