Re: Panel Accessibility - Key Nav

John Harper <jsh pixelslut com> writes: 
> Actually sawfish does look specifically for panel windows (using the
> WM_CLASS property) so that it can install some hacks to make things
> work better (things that aren't covered by the wm specs)
> One example is that sets it so that in click-to-focus mode the first
> click is always passed through to the panel
> It also has some special hacks for gmc desktop icons..

OK, what I guess I meant is "Sawfish does not have special knowledge
of the panel except for possible bad special-case hacks" ;-)

I really don't think this should be necessary, it's a bug in the WM
spec that it is.

> |My thought was that it might make sense to have a second tab order for
> |the panel, e.g. Alt+Tab does normal windows, Ctrl+Alt+Tab goes through
> |dock windows, and adding Shift to either reverses the order of tab
> |motion.
> sawfish could support this trivially, but do we really want n different
> window cycling commands? If it's just the panel couldn't there just be
> a key binding to focus the panel window?

There can be several panel windows though.

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