Re: Panel Accessibility - Key Nav

Havoc Pennington writes:
|The new WM spec (which Sawfish supports) does distinguish type DOCK
|from other kinds of window. We need to keep in mind however that
|Sawfish won't be able to distinguish the GNOME panel from other sorts
|of "stay on top around the edges of the desktop" sort of apps - so
|e.g. the virtual keyboard or magnifier might be treated the same way
|as the panel.

Actually sawfish does look specifically for panel windows (using the
WM_CLASS property) so that it can install some hacks to make things
work better (things that aren't covered by the wm specs)

One example is that sets it so that in click-to-focus mode the first
click is always passed through to the panel

It also has some special hacks for gmc desktop icons..

|My thought was that it might make sense to have a second tab order for
|the panel, e.g. Alt+Tab does normal windows, Ctrl+Alt+Tab goes through
|dock windows, and adding Shift to either reverses the order of tab

sawfish could support this trivially, but do we really want n different
window cycling commands? If it's just the panel couldn't there just be
a key binding to focus the panel window?


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